Give Me a Reason

Shattered and broken the glass hit the ground
The words that were spoken echoed the sound
A life without meaning and days without end
And too many memories of starting again.

He looked in the mirror and started to cry
He saw a reflection of her passing by
Give me a reason, was all she could say,
Give me a reason, why I should stay

He picked up the pieces scattered and torn
An old photograph, yellowed and worn
With yesterday’s colors faded with time
And yesterday’s memories
still fresh in his mind

She wept when he kissed her and made her his wife
He wept when she promised to love him for life
‘Til death come between us, they promised somehow
To love one another from then until now

Hold on to Jesus, the preacher would say
Pray every minute, each hour, each day
Bring all your troubles; bring all your cares
Bring them to Jesus and leave them all there

He picked up the bottle and started to pour
A glass full of sorrows just like before
Give me a reason, was all he could say
Give me a reason, why I should stay.

Empty and broken he slept through the night
Hoping that morning would bring more than light
Looking for angels to take him away
Looking for someone to give him a reason to stay.