“Lovely, contemporary folk inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Nancy Griffith.”
– Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Sue Gartland is a very gentle original. She writes wistful songs of longing for things she’s never done, powerful and precise snapshots from memories past, tales of brokenness, of subtle triumph of grace over duress. Even her affirmations of faith are humble and artful. A sweet and understated voice that will lull you into a very comfortable place, then suddenly startle you with a stark observation earned through life experience.”
-Jack Erdie, Singer/Songwriter

Sue Gartland  takes us on a journey through time and introduces us to unforgettable people and places. Reminiscent of John Prine, her lyrics and melodies are drawn from life’s experience and delivered  in a style that’s all her own with a gentle and soothing voice. Born into a military family at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, Sue spent most of her childhood years moving from place to place leaving her with a sense of melancholy rootlessness and wanderlust that is woven throughout her lyrics.